About us


At XL family we are connected to accelerate your innovation. This means that create the perfect environment for our clients to be inspired and to innovate. We help them to connect to trends and the market. Moreover, our team of software development professionals realize IT solutions in the areas of enterprise, online and mobile. In our playground we develop our own startups, and share our acquired knowledge with our clients.


What we do

We accelerate Innovation.

Our mission is to become a (rebel) leader in innovation by continuously inspiring ourselves and our clients. Our vision is to offer added value to our clients to accelerate their innovation power.

About us

This is who we are. This is our family.

Imagine you are in your car. Heading for a two hour drive to your family party around the holiday season.You are excited, because you haven’t seen a lot of them for a couple of months. Busy life, busy at work, you know the drill. You are excited, because there are people you like; your relatives with whom you share stories. At the part you learn what your nephew has done with his ICT company. He moved to Romania two years ago. Wow, his company has quite a stellar growth you learn. But the success has not affected him. He is still the same kind of guy, smiling and genuinely interested in what you are doing. Before dinner you finally catch up with your favorite aunt. She is a bit crazy. Well, all creative people have this cool way of looking and acting life a bit differently. She is an expert in the role of humor in business. Worldwide, crazy girl. She doesn’t need any alcohol to get any party going, let alone your family’s party. Before you know, you are singing a karaoke song with your little brother.

At dinner, you are seated next to your niece. She is the same age as you, but she took a different turn. She launched her own startup in the transport business. To keep cash flow steady, she also helps large organizations innovate. And of course she needs money as well for her wedding. So nice to see her grow up like this! Granddad and grandma open the dinner. Everyone has to share one crazy story from last year and a wish for the future. OMG, the whole evening you hear adventures, pain and amazing stories from your relatives. At least five times you ROFL from the revealed secrets and anecdotes. When you go home your parents give you something for the day after. They smile from ear to ear. They loved to see their newest grandchild again. Only six months old, but already a big boy. In the car, you realize this is your family. Although all different in appearance, you share a lot of traits. You can be yourself. You can share your thoughts and doubts with them. It’s a place where not only everybody knows your name, but also say ‘cheers’ to you, in good and bad times.

This is a story about a family. We feel we are a family as well. With our different initiatives we may look diverse, but on group level we share a lot of DNA. You could describe our DNA as informal, easy going, ambitious, very human, doing good and maybe most importantly a good place to be at. All our family members share these traits, but give their own spin to this. And this is because we cherish diversity. People young and wise, partners small and large, from over ten countries from at least four continents. We host innovators, designers, linguistics, economists, hr specialists, code monkeys, writers, physicians, psychologists and many more different roles in life and business. We believe our family will grow quite heavily the coming period. That’s why we added XL to our name. We are XL family, a new kind of micronational, focused on innovation with a smile.

Please, come in and feel welcome at our dinner table…;-)

Key people

The people that run the company



Founder and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer
Marc is a technopreneur and a student for life. He has an excellent understanding of which business value can be achieved by using technology. After a corporate career, including companies such as Philips, Alcatel, IBM and ABN AMRO, he started to follow his dreams in the field of innovation during the 90’s and has been involved in many startups and corporate incubators.


Co-Founder an Chief Inspiration Officer
Jaspar is an explorer. Loving art, he took his Master’s degree in Information Technology at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Raised as an international banker, Jaspar became the Chief Inspiration Officer of Dialogues Incubator, ABN AMRO Bank. Jaspar serves in many innovation and investment roles around the globe, like innovation professor in Mexico or columnist for different news venues.


Co-Founder and Chief Acceleration Officer
Tudor has started his IT career as an interaction designer, than continued as a project manager and a business developer in a corporate venturing accelerator for open and disruptive innovation for the financial industry in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Managing Director
Jaap is a real family man and entrepreneur. In previous roles he worked also as a managing director driving the business to a higher and profitable level. Getting processes in place to create a fundament for organic growth. Building and establish long term relationships with customers and our XL family.


Social Ventures Director
Because of a deep love for people and planet, Viviane is responsible for the creation, recognition and development of concepts and projects with a positive impact on the world. Close or far away, small or large, she adds validation and profit to the diverse models.


Venture Development Director
Xander has a deep passion for entrepreneurship. He expresses this through the multiple ventures that he helped with funding and accelerating. With a background in internet, cloud and software development, he is always on track for the next big thing.


Partner of XL family
Passionate innovator, family man, energy boon. Experienced as both a successful e-commerce entrepreneur and a corporate intrapreneur, he can and will help you innovate better, smarter and faster. Jeroen has created an innovation model that incorporates years of learning, and ensures your innovation activities are fine-tuned to deliver. Ready?

Board of inspiration

The people that inspire us to do great things

Paul Iske, Erik van Heck, Wietze van der Aa


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