Because Technology Rocks

XL Lab is our super-secret department where we have the space, equipment, tools and gadgets to experiment with the latest technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence. We direct our exploration and development efforts towards creating the future of business applications - the ones that conquer markets and get people talking.

We’re busy ourselves with digitizing human input, it’s movements and senses; we make an effort in encoding and decoding humans input-output combined with the newest technologies.

Our Lab started early in 2016 with an aim to function as a R&D facility to research the trend of evolving from a connected to an immersive age, in combination with a strong focus around Evidence Based Learning within the creative sector.

New technologies enable an integral view of all of our personal sensory input. Virtual Reality will be our most important medium as it represents a perfect instrument to measure and analyze human behavior and senses, like the eye. Measuring and tracking all human senses will give new and complete insights in personal behavior and preferences.

We are developing our products in a way that we’ll be able to extract detailed information out of all the interactions and collect data which is far more extensive than what’s currently possible or even imaginable.

XL lab transforms the data, gained by personal sensory technologies, to (unprecedented) valuable information. We do this to generate new insights for commercial industries – and improve personal lives!

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