We Invest in Promising, Early-Stage Digital Startups

When it comes to innovating, corporates are usually slower than startups. And that’s ok! They have proven themselves in other areas and have become experts in their own field. The right project team, or startup, with the right support can grow a lot faster than many corporate innovation teams dare to dream of. In fact, they share many complementary attributes and can join forces in their search for market share.

That’s where XL Ventures comes in. XL Ventures aims to become a linking pin between the corporate world and the promising startups that join our ecosystem.

XL Ventures will provide early stage venture capital for digital technology firms. Supported by XL family’s main branch of innovators & digital creators, we have developed a special competence in co-founding and building firms from start up. From concept to commerce, our mission is to build promising companies around innovative technologies.

We are founder-first and aim for lasting relationships. Our startups are an extension of our family so we choose them carefully. We look for entrepreneurs who share our vision and intelligently apply technological solutions and unique business models to disrupt industries together.

We have established an explicit selection of high ROI potential startups to be boarded within the fund. It goes as follows:

  • Extraordinary in their market, with a nearby large revenue streams, or already in place;
  • Quickly scalable, proven by realistic expectation of positive cash flow generation within one or two years;
  • Fitting in the XL family ecosystem, which enables growth through matchmaking with our network;

The main characteristic of the startups is their unique ability to realize the first peak in their potential and accelerate within the next five years. That is if, and only if, the specific onboarding requirements are met and their business practices for exceptional acceleration is consistently followed through.

This is exactly where XL family adds the greatest value, through near-to-zero margin acceleration services during the whole lifecycle. XL family’s entrepreneurs in residence will act as flexible workforce for the startups to help meet their ambitious goals. With this XL family will act as an active shareholder, and participate with more than just enthusiasm to pursue our collaborative targets.

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