Getting Inspired with Trends and Startups

BDO is an international network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms. They don't just focus on knowledge based services, but highly value involved and personal relationships where mutual trust is key.

The first step in corporate innovation is often the most difficult one. Where to begin? With what projects and what focus? BDO’s needed to get inspired and reassess where to focus their innovation efforts on.

A good way for incumbents to keep up with the innovations joneses in their market is to look at startup activity. Trends emerge as innovators address people’s basic human needs in novel ways. Knowing your competition is a necessity to stay ahead. What are the ultimate trends that will benefit future business?

In an inspired session the focus was set on current trends and startups in the legal services, financial and accountancy world. We addressed topics like:

  • Why trends are important sources of information and how to read them?
  • What are current relevant trends?
  • What can we learn from organizational disruptions such as Netflix vs Blockbuster?
  • to digitally build their own custom-made trailers via the Broshuis website.

We also looked into complex organizational hurdles:

  • What are most common blockers of change and innovation?
  • How to stimulate a culture of innovation?

We looked into how to combine BDO’s business with Startup Business. Discussions involved brainstorming about what it means for you and what you can do.

The output:

  • Focus: know where innovation meets strategy (your innovation hotspot)
  • Practical tips on how to not overlook the influence of disruptive new players in their industry.
  • Practical tips on how to learn from and adapt best startup practices.
  • Insights about the current market development and dynamics .

"By providing appealing, recent themes and examples, XL family redirected our often internally focused view of the outside world. This fired up the discussion about our marketopportunities in a positively creative way."

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