The Digital Portal to a Unique Trailer Experience

Widely known for their quality, stability, flexibility and personal approach, Broshuis is one of the major players in both exceptional transport solutions and the container chassis market.

By continuously improving their production and engineering methods and processes, the company sets the high quality standards in the sector and has a long tradition of delivering a unique and personal customer experience within their offices and factories.

Broshuis had a two-fold need:

  • To extend the offline experience onto their digital channels.
  • To provide the option to their customers to digitally build their own custom-made trailers via the Broshuis website.

We did a series of interrelated Development Sprints and collaboratively defined the elements and functionalities that needed to be developed. This selected methodology allowed us to have timely validation of selected features, iterative sessions, and flexibility of building.

The output:

  • A custom-made visually stunning, user friendly and informative platform to their customers that is up to the latest digital and UX standards.
  • A seamless user experience with always available personal customer support options to ensure users to find the information they need.
  • A webshop with a fully tailored 3D configurator for quality visualization of the Broshuis trailers.
  • CMS for easy content management
  • API’s for document sharing
  • Audio and video communication channels for 24/7 customer support

"XL family was our partner in building our new platform and enhancing our customers’ digital experience. The scrum sessions provided structure and agility in every step of the process."

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