Familiarize Innovation Ambassadors to Work with Different Innovation Methods

Delta Lloyd is one of the leading insurance companies in the Netherlands with multiple business units responsible for their own innovations, steered by a central authorized innovation team.

Delta Lloyd aims to stimulate intrapreneurship among their ranks and enhance their innovation capacity. This means creating an innovative culture and providing people with the right tools and training in relevant skillset.

Delta Lloyd had two very specific needs:

  • Get employees acquainted with innovation methods and tools.
  • Foster the conditions for establishing an innovative culture among the participants.

We provided a group of innovation ambassadors with 8 sessions aimed at familiarizing them with innovation methods and tools. These sessions were divided in three cohorts:

  • Idea Generation
  • Idea Concepting
  • Idea Development

The sessions included Trendwatching, Lean Startup vs. other Business Model Canvases, Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play amongst other.

The innovators-to-be had to prepare for the workshops beforehand. This, in order to create an interactive environment where knowledge was easily shared, and a hands-on mentality towards innovative behavior was encouraged. Innovation theories were explained and methods and tools were put to practice.

The output:

  • A crowd of capable innovators.
  • Knowledge on how to apply the best suited innovation methodologies know how to innovate.
  • An empowered workforce that actively participates in the innovation efforts.

"During the XL family Innovation Academy sessions, we were "learning innovation by doing innovation”. We actively put various inspiring innovation methods into practice that resulted in more innovation knowledge within the company."

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